My Prabandha App – Teacher’s New Best Friend

My Prabandha App – Teacher’s New Best Friend

The past few decades has witnessed a shift in the traditional teacher-student role. Students no longer depend only on their teachers to learn things as they have the vast world of internet to get any information at just the click of a button. To keep students engaged in a traditional classroom environment has, therefore, become very challenging for a teacher. Add to that the extra admin work like attendance keeping, student’s feedback and not to mention the time to consume yet essential parent-teacher meetings. Between all these, a teacher is often left overburdened.

Well, worry not. With the My Prabandha App teachers can now easily manage their mundane admin work and communicate easily and quickly with parents, thus leaving them with a lot of time for their core work, building a child’s academic career.

What is My Prabandha?

Prabandha is school management software which is designed and built to custom fit any school/college. Prabandha has an exhaustive list of features which help teachers manage their admin work as well as classroom teaching with greater ease and efficiency. At Prabandha we are dedicated to helping teachers adapt to the changes and fit in the new world technologically advanced education system.

How Prabandha works for Teachers?

Prabandha App helps teachers be more connected to students and parents. With the help of this app, teachers can easily manage individual student’s career irrespective of the size of the classroom. Here’s how Prabandha helps teachers with their day to day school work.

  • Prabandha is a teacher’s own virtual personal assistant.
  • Prabandha’s features help teachers connect better with students and guardians.
  • It also helps reduce the mundane administrative work which teachers usually have to do.
  • The tool eliminates hard copy work for a teacher like attendance keeping, Syllabus Report, Student Report, homework report, exam etc.
  • Teachers can now manage and record the non-teaching administrative work with more ease thus leaving them more time to focus on teaching.
  • This App also reduces the time teachers have to otherwise spend checking if every parent received the report.

How Prabandha helps Teachers become better Educators:

Prabandha App has multiple features which empower teachers to be the better educator and be a great influence on students. Here are some features available for faculty that teachers can benefit from while using Prabandha App.

  1. Using our App teachers can now maintain their attendance register with more ease and efficiency.
  2. Prabandha allows Teachers access syllabus for all their classes from one point without having to manage bulky paper files.
  3. Teachers can also update syllabus completion status for the school/college admin department to access anytime they want.
  4. Using Student Report function, teachers can upload the reports and what the App does is automatically send reports of each student to their parents. Teachers no longer have to meet each parent individually to discuss their child’s report.
  5. This tool is also very useful in identifying extra-curricular skills of individual students like sports, debate, extempore, dance and drama etc.
  6. The Student Report function helps teachers identify and develop these skills of every student thus contributing to their overall growth.
  7. With the help of Homework Report function, you can be rest assured parents will get the homework report the moment you update it in the App thus making these reports very reliable and effective tool of communication between teachers and parents.
  8. Prabandha App is designed to organize, schedule and conduct exam. The exam schedule is sent to parents automatically which helps avoid errors that occur in when a student manually notes the timetable.
  9. The online exam feature, reduce the time teachers spend evaluating the papers. The online exam software will do the evaluation for you.
  10. Teachers can set question papers and store them for future reference very easily without loss of any data.
  11. The app can also generate exam related reports like pass percentage, scoring trend etc. to name a few. Prabandha App will eliminate all the exhaustive work related to the examination that a traditional examination process involves.
  12. Teachers can upload any reference books with context to the topics as well as any book that can help improve the knowledge of students in Prabandha thus creating an online library which can be accessed from anywhere.
  13. This app allows sharing videos, e-books, charts, pictures or any other material which can assist in improving the knowledge and skills of the students.
  14. The Query feature is made to be interactive so that any doubts or queries can be addressed any time by teachers.
  15. This app helps teachers identify individual student’s talents.
  16. Teachers can update their calendar about exams, class activities, outdoor events, cultural events or any other activities and the students and parents are automatically notified about it by the App.

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