Prabandha App Makes Campus Recruitment Process Transparent and Efficient

Prabandha App Makes Campus Recruitment Process Transparent and Efficient

The ultimate benchmark for a professional school is the placement rating of that institute. And that is why a lot of focus is given by professional schools to attract more and better companies to hire from their school through campus recruitment. And what better way to attract companies than by being a smart school that uses a School Management Software to manage the school.


We at Mitrayainfo understand and appreciate that every student aspires to get placed through campus recruitment and every school works to attract the best companies. However, due to the challenges faced in communication about campus interviews, many students often enough miss out the opportunity of getting interviewed. That is why we have after careful research and thought included the feature of Campus Recruitment in the Prabandha App.


With the help of this feature schools can now declare campus interview schedule with every student and what’s best is that every student will get the notification in their profile. The App makes the system of notifying more efficient with no one missing out. The Campus Placement feature has an option to not only announce interview schedule, with the help of the App school admin can also share the results of the interview with students. And the best part is all admin has to do is upload the report in the App. Prabandha will automatically send a notification to the respective students. My Prabandha App’s Placement Feature is a school’s own recruitment portal help students get the best jobs.


Prabandha Makes You a Smart School & You Can Attract More Companies for Campus Recruitment

Prabandha helps become a school smarter. The My Profile feature helps school update their achievements and display photos and videos of important events. This becomes very useful I attracting more companies to come for campus recruitment. Using a School Management Software like Prabandha helps schools look more professional.  So why wait, get your quote from our Business Development Team Today to Use Our Free Trial Period.

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