How to teach children the responsible use of technology

How to teach children the responsible use of technology

The greatest gift of 21st Century to mankind is modern technology. Though 20th century saw the invention of the internet and the computer, it is the 21st Century that had technology penetrating the everyday life of everyone. Today life without technology is unimaginable. We are so dependent on technology that remembering important dates to doing the complicated calculation is done with the assistance of technology.

Too much of anything is as we all know is never good. And to make sure technology is our strength and not a hindrance in leading a fulfilling life keeping our brain active, we would have to strike a balance between applying our brain & using technology. Maintaining that balance especially for kids is even more important because for one to grow up to be a healthy adult, overall development of a child is very important. And that includes the development of children’s analytical and logical skills along with social skills.

Parents should strive towards building and developing the mental growth of a child and take special care to educate kids about the fact that technology is there to assist us to do our work more efficiently rather than become so dependent on technology that they are not able to function without it. Also for their physical growth, it is very important that they are engaged in the good amount of physical activity.

However, keeping kids away from their gadgets is easier said than done. Here are some activities that if encouraged from early on can help in all rounded growth of your child.

Limit the Time of Using Gadgets: Undoubtedly kids nowadays learn how to use smartphones and tablets even before they develop social skills and start formal education. However, it is important to limit the time of using gadgets so that they can learn to develop other skills. It is very important to set the limit from early on.

Schedule Time for Outdoor Activities: Experts always stress the importance of physical activity for both mental and physical growth. Kids need to play out in the sun for better health and immunity. Take your kids out every day for games or get them enrolled in sports classes.

Engage in fun Brain Development Games as a Family: Games like Chess, puzzles, Uno and even some card games help develop analytical skills of the child. Make some time in your schedule to play games that will help develop the mental capacity of your child.

Restrict the Use of Gadgets to a Certain Corner of the House: Let children use tablets and smartphones only in certain areas of the house. It is best if you can encourage them not to use these gadgets in their bedroom.

Strive to Make Dinner Time Quality Family Time without TV: it is very important to spend quality time with kids to understand what they are up to and to understand how they are growing. As our busy schedules often make it difficult to spend much time on a daily basis, set dinner time as family conversation time. Get to know what your kids did every day during dinner. Avoid sitting in front of TV to encourage your kids to talk. This will help build their social skills.

Encourage Your Child to Play with Kids of the same age in the Neighbourhood: Children need to learn social skills from early on during their playtime. It is therefore very important that they have good playmates. Encourage your child to play with kids in the neighborhood.

Plan Vacation to Places that help the Connect with Nature: Nature is one of the best teachers. And what is more fun as kids to be around nature and learn. Now in cities, it is not possible to see the best of nature. Plan vacation with your kids to places where nature’s beauty is abundant. Along with helping kids learn better, it will help you all closer together as a family.

Learning the use of technology is definitely essential for a child to be better equipped for life and to have a brighter career. However, it is very important to balance it well with all the other elements that are required to help in all round development of the child.

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