Do we have enough schools with smart education system or smart learning

Do we have enough schools with smart education system or smart learning

The quality we all aspire in any gadget we use is ‘Smart’. Smart phones, smart cars, smart refrigerator and the list go on. With our completion drove fast lives, using a smart appliance has become very much an inseparable aspect of our lives.

Why then would it not make sense to have a Smart Education System for helping children develop smarter?

Smart Education System is a concept which is increasingly being debated by educationalist as the best way to equip the next generation. For us to understand it better let’s first look at what it really means.

Smart: The word “smart” has recently acquired a specialized meaning in the world of technology. In contrast to conventional technologies, smart technologies are more as they are able to learn and adapt to new situations.

Education: Education has within its scope a very broad spectrum of things. However, when we use it in context to academics, it can be rightly said as the instrument to help a child develop their skills and knowledge in a way that equips them the best possible way adulthood.

System: Can simply be called the way a particular activity is done in this case the system of imparting education.

A Smart Education System is one which is able to give the kind of education that make kids smart by helping them increase their efficiency and make them adaptable to the ever evolving world of technology. A smart Education System will include along with theoretical studies, extensive use of technology to make learning more efficient and technology friendly.

As a new educational system, smart learning at its core has the extensive use of smart devices and intelligent technologies as a medium of providing education. This is also called as technology-enhanced learning (TEL). TEL is used to provide flexibility in the mode of learning with the use of technology as a medium of learning.

Studies increasingly show that technology is an effective medium that helps learners learn better. This method has had a good success rate at producing better results because, with the use of technology as a medium instead of just a subject, one can learn to use technology better and smarter.

It is time for us as parents to think and understand the importance of providing children with an environment for education were using modern technology, children are better equipped to develop themselves to fit better in modern jobs.

As this is a fairly new concept, most of the schools are yet to implement the principles of Smart Education System or Smart Learning. The onus lies on us as parents to ask schools to adopt and integrate these principles into the school systems. Because that way we can make sure our kids learn the smart way to be the very best.

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