Features making online education platform effective learning tool

Features making online education platform effective  learning tool

The ever evolving trends in education have dramatically altered the face of education. Education is no more concentrated within the limits of a classroom.  Online education platform or online education program is one such gift of these ever changing trends of an education system. Online education platform or virtual learning environment is a website-based platform where a course of study is presented digitally, usually within educational institutions. Online learning is fast becoming the most trending medium of education.

The biggest benefits online education platforms have to offer are ease of use and flexibility. This trend is fast catching up with the teachers or educators who get attracted to this platform because of their desire to reach out to more learners. The need to reduce their time spent in mundane administrative jobs involved with teaching is also a very motivating factor for educators as this can help free them up for more teaching.The right platform or software should have the feature to empowered the teacher and engage the learner in every way possible. With many education technology solutions available to teachers, it becomes crucial for them to choose the right solution for their teaching and training needs so that it can provide them features in their online education platform software that complement their requirement.To help educators make a more informed choice, some of the must-have features for it to be an effective online education platform are mentioned below very briefly.

  • Online education platforms should empower an educator with tools to build their online academies and get actionable information about their courses, classes, and content delivery thus making educators more effective by helping them increase student engagement and enhance learning outcomes.
  • A good online education program provides content security to educator by working on server security, encryption types and other such technologies to keep data safe on online platforms by controlling the dissemination and access of content so that it’s accessible to only the intended students.
  • Innovative features like polls, online examinations and module integrations, text chat, blogs, and content sharing that enable teachers to engage learners and deliver a holistic learning experience be it online or offline should be an integral part of online education platform.
  • The online platform should have responsive website design so that the website can be accessed by educators, students & guardians from any screen sized gadgets like smart phone or tablet.
  • An online platform should have online forums for students to mingle and discuss courses, assignments, and other pertinent information and get answers to questions from fellow students or their professors.
  • Assessment tools such as online quizzes and tests have to be in the online platform for students to use assessment tools and gain extra practice outside of their normal class work or ongoing projects.

Apart from these some important value adds that can make online education platforms effective and interactive are features like online student teacher communities, social media platforms, live feedback from teachers and live dashboards.

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