Aspects to study before choosing your child’s school

Aspects to study before choosing your child’s school

Choosing the right school for your child can be the stepping stone for your child’s successful life. Right schooling along with empowering the child with good teachers will also help them form the right social circle as most of the friends that remain for life are the ones we meet in our schools. That is why it is very important to choose the right school to help your child get the right kick start in their life and career. Here are some tips that will help you choose the school for your child.

Listing your Personal Preferences

  • Do you want your child to go to a boarding school, or are you looking for a day school?
  • Would you want your child to be taught in a particular teaching philosophy, for example, Steiner, Montessori or mainstream?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on your child’s schooling like school fees, bus fees etc?

Practical considerations

  • How far is the school from your residence? What is the closest pick-up point from your house? Are you planning to drop your child to school on your own?
  • Where are your child’s friends and pre-school kids going to school?
  • Do you need before-school and after-school care for your child?

Understanding your child’s need

  • Does your child have some special needs that need to be catered to?
  • Is your child more inclined towards specific talent either academic, sports or cultural that you want encouraged?


School-specific aspects

  • What is the size of the school? How many children are enrolled in every class?
  • What amenities does the school have to support your child’s learning like playgrounds, library, music programs inter-school participation and sporting teams?
  • What are the school’s academic performances when compared to other schools in the city? How good is the school in other areas like the arts, sport or community engagement?
  • Does the school have an inclusive policy to support children with special needs, like a disability, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder or other need?

School System of Communication with Parents

  • How does the school involve parent and family with the school?
  • How is communication between home and the school managed?
  • Is the school connected with the local community and local events?

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