Prabandha is school’s private social network solution

Prabandha is school’s private social network solution

The most precious commodity needed to nurture a child is Time. More so if you and your spouse are working full time. Spending time helping them with their homework, making them prepare for exams and the most time consuming and tedious of all- parent-teacher meeting because of the time needed to travel and the inconvenience syncing your schedule with that of a teacher. These meetings though time consuming are the essential part of a parent’s life whose kids are studying because teachers help parents understand the child’s performance the best.

Balancing both your work and the education of your child, therefore, becomes one of the biggest challenges. Often enough it feels unmanageable to handle them both together and you are left overworked and exhausted. Would it not be wonderful to have an App that will give you the daily update on your child’s performance in school and let you stay connected with teachers all the time as easily as you use Facebook Account, Banking or manage your work e-mails? That would help you be smarter in managing both your work and your kid’s studies without compromising on either.

Prabandha is a School Management Software that helps you become a smart parent as it is an ideal solution that will help you always stay connected to your child’s school and teachers. With Prabandha App you are just a ping away from your kid’s teacher and school.  This feature helps you stay connected to your child’s academics at any point in time. What’s better? You don’t even have to drive through traffic for parent-teacher meetings. You can simply use Prabandha App to chat with the teachers anytime just like in WhatsApp of Facebook. This is the smartest solution for next generation parents to balance both work and children’s academics seamlessly.

You can also go to your child’s profile to get all the details from their attendance that day to their classroom performance report and exam syllabus anytime anywhere.Our comprehensive App is the one-stop solution that helps you with almost anything about your child’s school simply with your phone. You no longer have to maintain your child’s syllabus report or academic planner. This one App helps you access them from your phone anytime.

This App is also your personal calendar for your child’s school. The App with its Notification and Calendar keeps you up to date with any event in school from exams to annual day or sports day. This App also has the holiday calendar and so you planning your vacations become easier.

The App’s Talent feature helps you highlight your child talents in cultural activities or sports to their teachers. This App ensures your child’s talents are spotted early on to hon them better. You no longer have to wait for sports day or annual day for teacher’s to identify and spot them. With this App, you can let teachers know about your child’s talent right from the start.

These are but some features that make Prabandha a perfect School’s Private Social Network Solution where you can share your views, knowledge and stay constantly updated about your child’s study. Prabandha ensures you are always connected to your child’s school and so better equipped to handle their studies.

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