Advantages of online examination management software for teachers

Advantages of online examination management software for teachers

With the increasing popularity of online education and distance learning, online examination software is becoming a popular tool in the world of education. One of the biggest factors making it a popular choice is the flexibility it provides students as well as teachers are that this software helps simplify the entire examination process. The results are also provided instantly.

Through this blog, at attempt has been made to explain what online examination software is as well as the benefits it provides to teachers and school/college administration.

Online Examination Software and its Benefits

Online examination is an assessment that uses network connection or internet as the medium of the exam. Students can appear in online exams by entering their username and password. Then the students start answering the question that is shown on the screen. After they have finished the examination, the student taking the exam must click on a certain button that would require finishing the examination process.  The online software tool is a very efficient way for teachers and school/college admin to organize and conduct exams as well as evaluation and result announcement. Here are some advantages this software has especially for teacher and admins.

Time Management and Accuracy: Using this method, institutes can reduce the time and work involved in the whole examination process to a great degree. Online school management system helps schools and colleges get rid of lengthy formalities like question paper creation, the registration process for students, evaluating the papers and declaring results.Online Examination Results are instant and accurate and immediate test feedback is given when a test is submitted. This reduces a considerable amount of time students and admin have to spend in every examination cycle.

 Better Efficiency:  Software for online exams controls the entire assessment process and simplifies the whole process from question setting to evaluation making it efficient in the process. The probability of error in evaluation as well as in results is minimized.The online exam provides flexibility and security for question paper as each student can get random questions of same exam pattern.Online Exam can be customized for subjective exams like drawing, diagrams. Exams can also be timed to allow Y minutes to answer X number of questions. These features make the examination efficient.

Examination Process is simplified: With the help of online examination software, the entire process of examination can be completed with ease. The teachers and management no longer have to spend time in setting papers, checking and evaluating them or announcing the result. The software will take care of all these tasks related to examination thus making the entire evaluation process very simple for many classes or batches of students. There is also the option of setting multiple sets of question paper to check cheating.

Online exams can take advantage of special media; video, audio or pictures for specialized subjects.
It also has the flexibility to add a combination of True/False, multiple choices, and in some cases essay questions.

Cost Saving: Examination management software makes the process economical by eliminating the cost of printing question paper, answer sheets etc.It becomes easier for institutes to conduct weekly,monthly, annual exams with ease once the students are familiarized with the process. Logistic cost is also minimized due to the flexibility of online examination including that of exam centers.

Security: Security measures can be applied in the software to prevent leaking of paper.Security cameras or web cameras make it easier to supervise the examination making it a much secure system, even in the absence of teachers or invigilators. Online Exam can be managed in auto surveillance mode where web camera connected to the system would take the snapshot of the student appearing for the exam. This would ensure that same student is appearing for the exam and system is able to keep track on the student during the exam.

Competitive edge: Allows students to appear at the state level, national level exams from anywhere.Online Exam can be conducted where the candidate can appear for it from remote examination centers with web camera surveillance technique. So hundreds or thousands of students can appear for exams from various locations.  The online exams can also be easily accessed 24/7 over the open test period.

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