My Prabandha App Best Features

My Prabandha App Best Features

The ever evolving trends in education have dramatically altered the face of education.  However, what has remained unchanged is that for education to be effective needs a strong and easily accessible communication system between the administration, teachers, parents and students. In fact, these are the four pillars of education that need to be in sync to make education a success.

School Management software helps educational institute in managing various activities that an educational institute carries out from accounting and admin to imparting education. This is a one-stop tool which automates the activities that are carried out in schools/colleges.

Prabandha is school management software designed and built to custom fit every school/college and it helps in effective and controlled running of the operations of a school. This is an exhaustive tool with the function for admin that is designed to make administration of schools paperless. This software allows schools/colleges to manage relevant data of both academic and extracurricular activities of students, staffs-teaching and non-teaching, inventories and various other records relevant to school administration.

Features that reduce school administrator’s workload

Managing a school is no small feat. School administration need to be ever vigilant in managing every single activity that happens in a school.  From keeping attendance records of students and staff to record management, from sending the fees payment notification to payment receipt, from setting the syllabus to scheduling exams and updating report cards, the list is exhaustive. This makes it very challenging for admin to focus on crucial administrative work like syllabus management, student and parent interview that needs great attention.

My Prabandha App has developed a comprehensive app with the exhaustive list of features which can solve all these problems and will help make administrative work very easy and efficient with minimal or no error.

Well, My Prabandha App is the perfect solution for school administration with automation of simple admin work, excellent data management, exam management solutions, financial data management any much more work related to administration.

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Admin Work that is Automated in My Prabandha

  • Fees due to a notification.
  • Student data movement for new academic session.
  • Library dues and miscellaneous fees payment notification.
  • Student report card generation after auto computing individual subject marks are updated.
  • Online exam.

Communication Made Easier By My Prabandha

  • Sending out notifications to teaching and non-teaching faculty.
  • Sending notification of holiday, exam date, parent teachers meeting and many other important events like sports day, cultural day or fancy day competition.

School Website Management

  • Make a strong online presence with an online profile for school.
  • Display pictures of important school events for everyone to see in the online school gallery.
  • Update achievements of school in inter-school level, district and state, national or international level.

Software accessible from web and mobiles

The advancement of technology and ever increasing use of internet has made it exceedingly important for schools to have the website and mobile presence. Almost everybody uses the internet to access information or as a medium of communication. My Prabandha App gives schools website presence and its mobile app makes it great accessibility.

My Prabandha App is as easy to use as any social or professional site like Facebook or LinkedIn and is a very effective network of communication for the entire school community.

  • My Prabandha App has integrated chat features that allow members to communicate very easily and effectively
  • Automated SMS notifications sent through high priority transactional route gateway to ensure fast and definite message delivery

My Prabandha App makes for Happy Parents

Parents are always stressed about what their child is doing or how they are fairing in studies once they are in the school. Their busy schedule makes it very challenging for parents to have the detailed conversation with teachers, admin to know about the day to day performance of their child and even when they can fit in time for meetings, the teachers and admin schedule may not sync. It becomes a very big struggle to communicate with school often leaving parents feeling helpless.

With the help of My Prabandha App, parents can communicate very easily with teachers or admin anytime of the day and also be updated about their child’s daily performance. Communicating is no longer a challenge but very easy and pleasurable.

  • The app will send the notification to parents about daily performance including remarks from teachers.
  • Daily attendance is visible in the app.
  • The app will send fees due to notification so that you never miss out on paying the fees or end up paying late payment dues.
  • Homework reports updated by teachers in the app come to you which means you can make sure your child completes every assignment.
  • The syllabus updated by admin at the beginning of the academic session ensures you are well equipped to coach your child effectively.
  • Parents can now get the accurate exam time table and not have to worry about students marking the dates incorrectly.
  • Parents can see all notification circulated in the school as the app will have the details clearly on the dashboard.
  • It’s as easy as using the Facebook app on mobile.
  • One-stop App to get every detail about your child’s performance in school and the school information.
  • Parents can now easily communicate with teachers anytime even from their office or comfort of their house using the chat functionality of the app.

Easy Student and Bus Tracking System of the App

Hectic work schedule or factors like cost of transport and distance from home to school often makes parents opt for school buses. But it often leaves parents worried about the safety of their child while commuting to and from school. Often enough due to traffic the bus reaches late than scheduled time which results in parents wasting hours in the bus stop. This results in parents calling bus drivers or school multiple times a day to get the status of the bus.

My Prabandha’s bus tracking system addresses all these problems faced and makes tracking of school buses effortless.

  • Automatic SMS update is sent when the child boards the bus from school.
  • SMS is also sent before the bus reaches the destination stop so that parents don’t have to wait too long at the bus stops.
  • Confirmation SMS is sent once the child reaches the destination bus stop.

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