Teaching children the use of technology as a tool of education

Teaching children the use of technology as a tool of education

Technology has brought about drastic changes in our everyday life. From laptops and smart phones to simple home utility appliances like microwave technology has changed the ways of our living to make it a very different one from that of our parents. In spite of many disadvantages, it cannot be denied that technology has transformed our lives to make it more efficient. Technology in the future is set to play even more significant roles in our everyday life as well as that of the next generation.

One of the biggest changes technology has brought about is in the way we work. Computers have become the new pen and paper in this century. Almost every workplace makes it compulsory for its employees to use computer making paper almost redundant.

In this paperless era, familiarizing one with the use of technology is essential. When it comes to children, it is even more important to ensure they are introduced to the use of technology in their day to day work from an early stage.Especially when it comes to their school work, kids should be comfortable using technology as the medium.

Though computer classes have become mandatory in all major schools, technology usage as an as a tool or medium of education along with books and copies is still limited. In order to ensure kids are well versed in the use of the computer, they should be encouraged from early on to use technology in their everyday work. This will help them perform better in their adulthood.

Schools from early on should emphasize on the use of technology in classroom work along with pen and copies. A School Management Software with comprehensive features helps schools optimize the use of technology in the everyday classroom. My Prabandha is a School Management Software with a comprehensive list of features, that help students learn better in school. My Prabandha helps teach kids the practical usage of technology.

With its varied features like homework report, exam schedule, talent corner, e-books and knowledge sharing, kids from an early on getting familiarized with using technology in their everyday life work. Here are some of the features of the App that empower students in technology.

Use of Technology in Everyday Classroom Work:

Prabandha has multiple features that help students with their daily classroom chores. Features like homework report, class schedule, and exam report help students access all the required information without having to carry heavy diaries for maintaining the same. The attendance report help students stay updated with their attendance percentage.

Knowledge &Talent Sharing:

Prabandha App helps students share knowledge by posting articles and e-books relevant to the course and access information posted by teachers, other students, and parents. Knowledge sharing help students get wider access to reference data for their subject and familiarize them with the use technology for work.

Post Talent feature helps students post their talents for teachers, parents, and classmates to see.

Online Exams or E-Exams& Online Report Card:

This feature help students write online exams and get the scores immediately and helps the student become comfortable with the use of technology from early on in life thus making them better equipped in technology. Prabandha also publishes online report card.

E-Notice Board:

This feature eliminates the problem of students missing out relevant notices published. Students can see a snapshot of all relevant information regarding their school from syllabus to upcoming events to their report card. This helps them become comfortable with online record keeping from early on.


These features and much more help develop more confidence in kids to handle their work with the use of technology which in turn will help them in their professional life. Prabandha App will widen the use of technology for kids beyond just games and entertainment.

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